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Why Is Social Media So Important For A Business?


Social Media is now the platform of business discovery for anyone between the ages 18-35. It is just as necessary to have your business’ Social Media platforms running smoothly and efficiently than having your website up to date. It is incredible how quickly people judge a business, person or brand by seeing just their Social Media accounts!

I offer two packages - Social Media Advertising & Social Media Management. The goal is to build your brand in the media and keep it up with your expectations of how YOU wish for it to be portrayed by the public.

Visual marketing does not just sell a product or service- it sells an expereince around your business
— Rebekah Radice

Social Media Advertising

This is done with one-off posts either posted onto my personal platforms or onto your platforms. Graphics can be created by myself. If you have your own content/graphics that you would like to be posted, great!


Maybe you…

- Have no idea how to operate social media platforms

-Can’t seem to rack up the followers

-Don’t have much engagement with your posts as you would like to

Social Media Management

Want to impress your customers by having an amazing feed on all your social media accounts but simply don’t have the time? Stress no more, I will do it for you. I will design a beautiful flow of images and posts for your brand’s Social Media platforms. I will also include campaigns to reach an audience that you never imagined your would have and increase overall brand awareness. I use relevant social media marketing services to help businesses grow and meet goals.

This is just an introduction to all the benefits and deliverables included in each package and it can all be thoroughly explained by contacting me.


Sojourn Social Management & Advertising Benefits