The Sweet Sojourn’s Valentines Day Gift Guide

Love Is In the air, can you feel it? I decided that this year, Valentines didn’t only mean receiving something from someone else, but also as a day to love yourself and treat yourself like you wouldn’t normally do. The selected gift ideas are also a perfect way to show your #significantother that you love and appreciate everything they do for you…  Boys, these recommendations are coming from a girl, so take notes ;)

“Spread Some Love” Box 

Where to buy: Always Summer Limegrove.

Price: USD $42

This is honestly such a great gift idea for the organized girl who likes everything to have its own place. I loved this for myself because it was perfect for storing my make-up brushes and hair ties! Plus, when you open up the heart, mini clay hearts fill the inside. Use these as paper holders or just for simple decorating around the house. If your special someone is anything like me, she will love this!

clay box.png

LOVE coasters

 Where to buy: Always Summer Limegrove.

Price: USD $32

Calling all wine lovers! Could you think of any better way to rest your glass during your wine nights? I can’t. These marble LOVE coasters are an amazing gift for the girl who loves to entertain and have friends over for drinks. The clean, minimal finish of the coasters are a great way to add a modern detail in the house. Another way these coasters can be used is in the bathroom by laying rings, earrings, and special jewelry on them in a safe place when washing your hands, applying makeup or jumping in the shower. These coasters are fun, SO cute and a great gift for girls! 

Love coasters.png

Mary Louise Designs Diamond Heart Necklace

Where to buy: Always Summer Limegrove.

Price: USD $163

The thing I love about this necklace is how dainty it is, whether it is layered or just worn alone. I think the diamonds against the gold give it a very girly look, and of course, diamonds are a girl’s best friend so what is there actually not to like about this!? Available at the beautiful Always Summer store in Limegrove, this necklace is easy to find with its beauty and also rare to find on anyone else because of how unique it is. 

Mary-Louise Designs.png

Grisette Perfume by Lubin

Where to buy: Always Summer Limegrove.

Price: USD $188

Whether you are going out on a date or not for Valentines Day, you deserve to look and feel amazing. This is your day, love yourself a little more! I bet you didn’t know that this perfume was inspired by young, hardworking and flirtatious women living in Paris in the 19th century working as seamstresses. With citrus hints, this refreshing perfume is romantic, sheer, and feminine. 


Grisette by Lubin: she slips through the crowded streets on nimble feet with her head held high, a slim, fleeting figure that is the very image of Bohemian Paris. With her rosy cheeks and innocent gaze, she is hurrying to meet her lover, but Grisette is already thinking of another, dreaming wistfully of a new romance. Their first kiss beneath that awning sealed a promise truer than any other vow. Citrus notes of grapefruit and bergamot give way to a simple bouquet of Moroccan and Bulgarian roses. Discreet heart notes of orris oil are cloaked in incense and hints of cedarwood with touches of musk and amber melt into the scent of Madagascan vanilla absolute.

Visit their Facebook page @alwayssummerbarbados
Instagram @alwayssummerlg

Me and you, just us two @ The Loft Spa & Blow-dry bar

Where to buy: Online or at The Loft Spa & Blow-dry Bar

Price: BDS$545

Spoil your sweetheart with the gift of relaxation this Valentine's Day, we all need it. Fall into a deep relaxation mode with your loved one, through a 60-minute full body Swedish massage, followed by a gloss of raspberry fizz, and pedicure as you and your loved one enjoy the privacy of the couples suite at The Loft Spa. Everyone loves to be pampered!

I Choose You Package @ The Loft Spa & Blow-dry Bar

Where to buy: Online or at The Loft Spa & Blow-dry Bar

Price: BDS$190 Per Person

Show some appreciation for all the hard work your loved one does by treating them to a Manhattan Mani-Pedi package followed by a fifteen minute foot massage and a glass of raspberry fizz.

As a girl, it is safe to say we enjoy a little pampering from time to time. As we get so caught up being busy with work and our own commitments, sometimes we forget to give ourselves some “me-time”. This is a very appreciative gift for anyone that is always out and about because it forces us to make time for ourselves. I personally love The Loft as my go-to Spa because of how sweet all the girls are and how relaxed they make me feel. I also love going there with a girlfriend to just catch up and have girls time. And can we just talk about the setting? Warm, fuzzy blankets along with pastel hints in the treatment rooms relax me right away, especially with scents from their delicious candles…. It doesn’t get better than this. 

Visit their website here
Instagram @theloftbarbados
Facebook @theloftbarbados

The Night Sky Frames

Where To Buy: Here


Transform your first date, first kiss or special day into an unforgettable gift. The Night Sky is such a great idea to leave a romantic impression on your loved one, there is no other gift like this one and if they are into home decor, personalize it and then you’ve definitely hit the jackpot with this gift! 



Where To Buy: The Flower Mart, Barbados or your local florist

Price: Varies

Who doesn’t love flowers? Flowers are a simple yet effective way to show your appreciation. Contact your local florist to see what deals they have on Valentines Day or special boxes they may offer. Attach a handwritten note with the flowers and voilà! 


Something Sweet

Where To Buy: Green Monkey Barbados or your local Chocolatier

Price: Varies

Besides diamonds, food is also a girl’s best friend - or is that just me? Go to any chocolatier and pick out premium chocolates, chocolate covered candy or whatever other goodies are on tap. Macaroons are a really great gift not only because they are so yummy, but they are also so beautiful! I love Green Monkey in Barbados, but there are plenty of options wherever you may be in the world. Cupcakes are also a great option and there are endless options to find them. Peggy Porschen (London), Sprinkles (Los Angeles)  and Hummingbird Bakery (London) are my favorites. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 10.29.04 AM.png


Where To Buy: The Grape Vine or your local Wine shop

Price: Varies

Romantic gestures like buying your loved one a bottle of their favorite wine or champagne is an easy way to make an impression #winning. Brands like Perrier Jouet Blason Rose or Veuve Cliquot are very good options. Pair your favorite brand with something sweet and you’re set. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 10.37.54 AM.png

These are my top gifts for Valentines Day, whether they are for a special someone, your bestie or simply for yourself. I hope this gives you some unique ideas on how you can show some love on this Valentines Day and every day! 

Lots of love,