My DIY Anti-Aging & Antibacterial Face Mist

In preparation for my trip to Indonesia happening in the next couple of days, I thought I would take the time to read a little bit about products that I can bring on the plane with me, specifically for keeping my face clean and looking half decent before getting off the plane. I immediately felt very overwhelmed by the amount of products out there, specifically face mists, and for a not-so-cheap penny either. I had some time on my hands between my daily “running around schedule”, that I decided I would make my own. With a little help from the internet, and some of my essential oils, I created an antibacterial, skin protecting face mist. Here’s how I did it.


I first did some research about the essential oils that I have. I researched Peppermint, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Vitamin E Oil and Green Tea.

Peppermint Oil - Provides Sinus care, Helps with headaches, Increases energy, reduces nausea, helps with sunburn protection, smells amazing.

Tea Tree Oil - Helps with dry skin and eczema, helps with oily skin, it’s an anti-inflammatory, calms redness, acne solution, antibacterial

Rosemary Oil - Antiseptic properties, restores skin’s strength, relieves anxiety, fights wrinkles, antibacterial

Vitamin E oil - Helps reduce the appearance of scars, prevents signs of aging, hydrates skin, reduces sun damage.

Green Tea - unclogs pores, antioxidant rich, antibacterial, shrinks blood vessels around the eyes which reduce dark circles



5 drops of Peppermint Oil
5 drops of Tea Tree oil
5 drops of Rosemary Oil
5 drops of Vitamin E Oil
2 oz of distilled water
2 oz of Green Tea


1) Brew the green tea
2) Combine all ingredients into a 4oz glass spray bottle
3) Shake and spray daily, as much as you would like


Points of sale: I buy most of my essential oils from Algeria in Tamarindo, Costa Rica
4oz Glass Spray Bottle: I reused my bottle from another product but they can be purchased online here

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