Getting To Know The Brand: TRU Barbados

Before I got the opportunity to write this article, I got to see a brand emerge out of Barbados and into the big world of fashion. It was a brand of simple styles and colors, but with fine detail and boy oh boy is that everything I look for in clothing. Soft tees, denim, and flirtatious lace - TRU is the name, and I’m so excited that I can now rant and rave about how amazing each aspect of this brand is.

The Ren “Sea” - Shop this look   HERE

The Ren “Sea” - Shop this look HERE

Created by a 21-year-old island girl, Emilee Troulan, a lover of Barbados, sunset swims, traveling, wine, food, coffee, and her dog, who knew from a young age that fashion really was her niche. Fast forward a couple years, after working in boutiques, starting a boutique and using travel and the fashion industry as her classroom, over a couple glasses of wine on a not so out of the ordinary night, the name TRU was created. TRU was created with a twist off of her last name “Troulan” and for constantly saying the word “Trueee” … Smart girl! 

Now that we’ve got the name covered, let's hear from Emilee, who did you create TRU for, who is your target client? 

A TRU woman knows what she wants and she goes after it. She sees the value in quality over quantity, and she appreciates the small things in life that contribute to the bigger picture. TRU is about being unapologetically YOU, knowing your weaknesses and strengths and working each day on becoming a better person. With a heart of gold, just a tad savage, she's the type of woman that would dance in the moonlight on the sand., carefree, because she has accepted who she is and she is comfortable in her own skin because she knows, nobody is like her.


Words By Emilee: TRU isn't sexy, TRU isn't popular, TRU isn't about fitting in. I've had tons of people say how much they LOVE the pieces and I've had some people come and say how crappy the brand is because they just don't see the value in it. Don't get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I welcome feedback, but I didn't create this brand for everyone. I created it for people who just immediately love it. I'm not a saleswoman who is only focused on the dollar. I would way rather have someone buy something because it TRUly brought joy to them, rather than feeling the need to give in just because I was trying to 'sell' them a product. TRU is about being unapologetically YOU and owning it! It's about not caring what others think. It's about taking a t-shirt and making it your own with your personal style. There is no fixed way to wear TRU. Every single piece I have created can be styled in so many different ways, it's hard even to believe they're the same piece! 

The TRU “Mari” Top. Shop this look   HERE   .

The TRU “Mari” Top. Shop this look HERE.

With each piece being made from either 100% cotton denim, Pima cotton, or a jersey blend, comfort is only a step away. I love their t-shirt dresses, especially the one pictured below saying “sea you later” which can be purchased here. T-shirt dresses for me are seriously a go-to because of the simplicity, comfort, and style that it is. Pair it with your favorite sneakers or sandals and voila!

After having a chat with Emilee, I soon learned a secret that many of us should take into account before venturing off on big ventures, business plans or travels - STAY INSPIRED, STAY IN THE GAME. We get to see this through different designs and cuts like the PHOEBE PALM - Soft fabrics, oversized fit, Palm trees, and pearls… Everything a girl wants/needs. Or take the JO short - high waisted, soft cotton denim, flattering. How to stay in the game? Stay inspired by using products, brands, and accessories that work for you and that you love. 


Thank you Emilee for creating a brand for all of us to indulge in, I haven’t seen an affordable brand like this come out in years and luckily for you, this is only the beginning so keep up all the fantastic work and I’m sure we will be hearing more from you. 

For all you lucky readers who have TRU being sold near to you, you can find it in: 

Wolf & Badger, online boutique 

Earthy Chic Boutique, Miami

Sea Reinas, Barbados

The Crate, Barbados - Pima Cotton Pieces

Beth & Tracie, Barbados

Metal Boutique, Barbados

Ashely Gryre, Atlantic Beach FL

Circle Box, Tampa (March 2019)

Keep in touch with TRU by following their instagram @trubarbados