A Female's Guide To Body Positivity & What We Really Should Care About:

For All The Girls out There.

I decided that this post was necessary because when I asked what you wanted to read about, I got a majority of people requesting “body positivity”, “how to be confident” or even “How do you feel so confident in your own skin.” This topic sounds a bit hypocritical for me to be writing about because I likewise have never been 100% confident in myself. Yet, I do think there is some valuable information that I have learned throughout my adolescent years that I can share to deliver you some insight on how to not look in the mirror and be unhappy with what you see. 

Before I start. Please grasp this:  Only five percent of women in the US fit the current body type portrayed in advertisements today. 

5% of 300 million bodies.

All right, well hopefully, you have digested that by now. Here goes.


1) DON’T look longingly at yourself in the mirror for more than 6 seconds.

What you instantly see is not what other people see. It's incredible that we pick up on the most minor flaws, that people will never in our lifetimes notice. What you see is naturally not what others observe. 

2) DO consume the appropriate foods and provide your body with the exercise it needs. NOT because you have to, but because you WANT to. Exercise because you know it’s capital for your mind, joints, skin, organs and well being - not because it's going to burn off the calories from the previous meal you ate. 

3) Compliment yourself as if you were complimenting your friend, sister or mother. You would never highlight every flaw of someone else, so why are you executing that to yourself? What’s up with that? 

4) STOP COMPARING - YOU ARE YOUR OWN BODY AND YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ANYONE ELSE’S BODY. You are precisely your own makeup of DNA, bone structure, mighty muscle, precious skin, and rare beauty. Just because someone else is beautiful doesn't mean you aren’t. You have no idea how many people look at you and recognize features that they wish they could have - but you fail to appreciate that. Simple as that. The valuable minute you learn properly to stop instantly comparing, your body vision will amplify to be more positive.


At this point in my life, 18 years old, fragile, comparative and media-infused, I come face to face with the bodies of many other girls and women every SECOND of the day. I know what you are thinking - but all the girls we see in the media have perfect waists, butts, flat stomachs, perfectly toned arms, tans, white teeth, long, wavy hair, tall and big lips. 

Some of these girls undoubtedly exist, yes. But a lot of them DO NOT. Please hear me out on this. I know solely, many girls that you would never recognize in their ordinary everyday life, compared to what you see online. These girls don’t live magnificent lives, they STRUGGLE to keep up with their own appearance. Why? Haha, well, they combat with their own body positivity.

See what I’m doing yet?

The Media Industry

I know girls personally…those Instagram models… the successful ones with hundreds of thousands of dedicated followers. They undoubtedly have flaws. More than the “ordinary” girl. Why? Because the media wants that of us young girls. That’s big cooperation’s marketing tactics. They provide an unrealistic image of a thin, blonde-haired and blue-eyed girl to represent the concept of perfect… but that’s just a creative industry’s look that they want to create. It's NOT REAL - it's for their own profit. Have you not quite understood at this point in life, that our world is selfish and money-driven? That is why some of us feel threatened by the comparison of the “realistic, perfect body image”, so we get cosmetic surgery, etc. It's a brilliant strategy for them. Over twenty years ago, the diet business was not as profitable as it is presently, with much of this relating to the media. Currently, this industry consists of over $33 billion each year. 

I told you its all about the industry’s effective way of making money.

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Why Being Different Is Good:

The only similarity that we (females) have in common is a body structure. We all have a head, hair, arms, legs, toes and fingers, a mouth and eyes. And besides that, there are our internal body parts that are the same, but also different. And that's it. Nothing else is the same. We are all different and you are going to be naturally in your valuable skin for the eternal rest of your existence so you have no choice but to willingly embrace your insecurities because people heartily admire them. You are the only one who perceives them anyway. 


Looks Don’t Even Matter Anyway…

This is one thing that I will preach until the day I die to anyone. Man, Woman, Old, Young - looks only represent an outer image. The only thing that matters is how you treat people and what you put into making the world a better place to grow up in. So for example, for the sake of future generations of girls, why don’t we focus on getting rid of that unrealistic “normal” body image? There are so many more issues in the world than being concerned by what we look like. We need to wake up from this image-based fairytale of an outdated “body image” and understand that that is not the reality. We live in a world being swallowed by the plastic industry, a fight-minded generation, wars, and women trafficking. Instead of consuming ourselves in the way we look, shouldn’t we be consuming the image of ourselves we are going to leave behind? Not the visible image. The inner beauty of the female. 

Something to think about:  If typical fashion and beauty companies are coming out saying that they are no longer going to carefully edit their model’s bodies or features (to intentionally create a positive response by consumers and girls) (another marketing strategy), imagine how many other MAJOR industries are still executing that. That is precisely the norm of these profitable industries.