The New Must-Have Skin Care Brand: Waverly Organics

“My husband was in a terrible accident on our farm and was burned on over 48% of his body and 90% of his face and head. He spent 39 days in intensive care at a burn unit in Atlanta and had 6 surgeries. I had recently started learning about making skin care with natural products and upon reading the creams that the doctors wanted him to use on his skin, made it a priority to develop healing creams, organically to heal his scars and horrible burns. I thus developed organic creams and used my years of botanical experience to make natural versions of the chemically based doctor recommendations. They healed Mark's skin better then the doctor prescribed versions ( according to the Nurses) and so I started developing the Waverly Organics brand of skin care that is available to the public today. Two years into the business, my dear family friends' life was also struck by unimaginable tragedy. Lisa's  son Zander Venezia died in a tragic surfing accident. She had been a luxury travel agent for 20 + years. After several visits to see her after the accident, we decided that this new venture could be a new start for her and she made the decision to retire from the world of travel and become a joint partner in Waverly Organics, bringing it to the Caribbean and distributing and promoting the products there. It is becoming more and more popular and we continue on this new path to healing, not only others skin but also our hearts and lives.” -Victoria Goddard, Founder Of Waverly Organics.

Ok Ladies. This article is about one of my favorite skin brands at the moment. If you didn’t know already, I try to use natural and cruelty-free products as much as possible. My favorites in the past have been Sukin, Burts Bees, Shea moisture and many more but nothing quite compares to what I am about to introduce you to, as it is new and fresh on the market.

Waverly Organics is a family owned skincare brand out of Georgia, USA and also sold in Barbados. Created by a mother and plant, herb and botanical expert, Victoria Goddard, Waverly organics executes the definition of “Naturally Made”. From her years of owning a botanical garden, she has taken her knowledge of plants and flowers and created the most gorgeous blends of lotions, acne cures, one-spot treatments, candles, and soaps. I was lucky enough to get my hands on some goodies - a hand lotion, a body lotion, a one spot treatment, face serum, soaps and a handy travel-size face moisturizer for my upcoming travels to Prague & Amsterdam! 

Besides the convenience of some travel sized bottles, the delicious scents and the effect it has on nourishing your skin to keep it looking smooth and young, they have the most amazing acne-curing solutions. Their Charcoal face wash paired with the one-spot acne treatment is the greatest combinations of acne products out there. It is perfect for sensitive skin people like me, who’s face breaks out just from smelling a chocolate chip cookie or develops a rash from using various soaps and moisturizers. The charcoal face wash truly does gets rid of makeup, oil, unwanted dirt and bacteria with ease. You really don't need to use much at a time because when applied, it turns into a great, easily-spread soap. I had seen multiple people using their face wash particularly and raving about how much it had helped their skin. After 2 weeks of trying out the face wash, I could see a big difference in the way my face looked. I never had severe acne but I definitely did get it and It cleared up almost immediately. 

Speaking about acne, all of our nightmares, Waverly has created the perfect solution to fixing those problems. Their Acne Gel Therapy is a no-brainer to buy. With ingredients like tea-tree oil, geranium oil, lavender oil, hemp seed oil, and lemon, this all-natural acne cure was a winner product for me. I use this every day after I wash my face with the charcoal face cleanser and then use their daily moisturizer on top for the perfect finish and I promise, I saw results within a week of using it. My odd spots quickly disappeared and my face ended up being clearer than I’d ever seen it.


After using the Acne Gel Therapy all over my face, I like to pinpoint my outbreaks and apply some of their “magic” Spot Serum. It is a serum for basically calming breakouts and cleaning up any bacteria in the affected spot. I do this whole process in the morning and before bed for best results. This is really the game changer for me because it reduces redness which I am always affected by and also gives the affected areas extra moisture as a repair tool. Of course, it is filled with totally natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil and much more, it is the perfect touch to your face cleanser routine. 

Lastly, for my face, the Light Daytime moisturizer was the perfect fit for me because I’ve always had bad experiences finding the perfect moisturizer that wasn’t too thick and oily and not too thin where you didn’t feel like anything was helping nourish your skin after cleansing it. This was the perfect moisturizer. It wasn’t too thick or thin and left your skin feeling smooth, clean and smelling of the lavender and chamomile. It is perfect for everyday use as well as under makeup up. Oh, and did I mention that it has a natural SPF in it?? It’s the PERFECT fit for the active person who is constantly outdoors and at risk to the sun’s harmful rays.  

That's all for my face routine but something just as important as taking care of your face is taking care of the rest of the skin on your body - Especially for you island people reading this. We have no idea how harmful the sun is and we often forget about replenishing the moisture that it takes away from us. Just like we take vitamins and minerals for our immune system and to fight viruses, our skin also needs vitamins and minerals, and I have the perfect moisturizers to solve all your skin’s dehydration problems.


Their Beach Breeze Hand Lotion is by far my favorite one yet with scents of summer, coconut, and grapefruit, giving me quite the nostalgic memory of spending long days in the sun at the beach, and coming home at night and lathering my skin in a fresh, sweet moisturizer. This moisturizer is perfect for repairing dry or sunburnt skin with its Aloe and avocado oil components, and is packed with antioxidants, the perfect components for thirsty skin. In the winter, if I am not in Barbados, My hands (and my face) are the quickest to become dry and sore which is why this hand lotion is perfect for me.

The Caribbean Dream body lotion was the next product I tried out and it was even better than the first. This full-body lotion is packed with Vitamins and minerals for the body, infused with coconut and avocado oils and bursting with the sweet smell of a juicy Caribbean mango. Along with the mango, scents is orange blossom, floral water lily and gardenia and lastly, Khus Khus. This lotion is warm and dreamy, the perfect lotion to rejuvenate the skin during the winter, or to keep the smell of summer all over you, all year long.



I was lucky enough to test out their Pink Frangipani Soap, which has always been a favorite of mine in the body lotion. The soap version did not disappoint - it was amazing. Frangipani has such a unique, calming smell to it that really is sweet and fresh. When applying it, it lathers onto your skin thickly and leaves the scent of frangipani on you all day. With shea butter as an ingredient, your skin will feel incredibly soft by the end of the day. 

I also got to test out some of their Sun kissed Citrus soap and not only does it smell like amazing lemongrass and grapefruit, the components are incredibly nourishing for the skin and all natural! This is the perfect soap to use before applying one of their amazing lotions if you have been in the sun all day because it contains Coconut oil, shea butter and oat protein which is perfect for rejuvenating any sun-damaged skin cells as it replaces the minerals and protein back into the skin that it lacks. 

Waverly Organics really has taken over my bathroom as a must-have product and I hope it takes over yours too because this brand has worked incredibly for me and many others with results in at least a week. That really is something in itself. I love how natural and kind on the skin each ingredient is and also love that it is cruelty free to animals. Not only are they protecting our skin but also our environment and really making the most of mother nature at the same time. If I would invest in getting everyday usage products, why not get this one? Not only are you saving your skin but you are saving the planet at the same time!

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