My Travel Necessities To: Indonesia

If you are anything like me, and you love planning, organizing and being on time, this article should give you some good suggestions on what you can be sure to pack if you are going to Indonesia like myself, or an overall humid, tropical and salty destination.

First things first, SWIMWEAR - Can’t forget this one!

One of my all time favorite swimwear brands is Vitamin A Swim, who of course I stocked up with before this amazing trip. My favorite pieces are the Giada Top & Coco Bottom , along with the Gia Reversible Top in the color Rialto along with the Elle Tie Side Bottom to match it of course. Thank you again to them for participating in this collaboration and being the best brand out there.

Secondly: TANNING OIL - Because you are going to want to soak up those rays and really show off that summer glow.

Maui Now is a brand based in Australia but inspired by Hawaii and its natural beauty, which is exactly the aim of the product - to make you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin! I chose the Golden Glow Tanning Oil and have only good results from it! It smells like coconuts, it has a shimmer and it’s vegan & cruelty free. Game Changer.

The next thing I always plan when I’m traveling is the right HAIR PRODUCTS for me. Two of my favorite brands are Joico & Fat Boy. The Joico in Barbados is of course distributed by SUDS which can be viewed here. Either of their professional representatives will be sure to give you the most amazing help by finding you the right products to fit your hair type - they sure went spot on with mine: Joico Moisture Recovery (to add back moisture into heat-damaged hair from either UV rays or thermal heat - perfect for beach lovers). The other products they recommended were the Joico Defy Damage which has been an absolute game changer for me. I was also recommended the Joico Defy Damage which I jumped on because as a surfer, and practically living at the beach, being in the salt water everyday, it seemed like the perfect repair system for me. The Defy Damage makes your hair soft, reduces the appearance of split ends and keeps a light shine throughout the day. SUDS has a huge, and diverse list of products that can be explored, not only by Joico. I high recommend all of them!

Check out their instagram here & Facebook page here

Fat Boy Sea Salt Pomade and Tousle And Go products. Another favorite hair system for me is Fat Boy - especially the Sea Salt Pomade. If you want natural minerals and salts added to your hair for a beach-inspired wave, then this is your best friend. Their tousle and go was perfect for me on nights out, dancing my heart away and keeping my hair in tact at the same time. The Tousle And Go has the texture of dry shampoo but with a soft layer of hair spray that keeps frizziness tamed and controlled. The Sea Salt Pomade is also perfect for hydration because it is infused with Coconut Oil & Shea Butter. It personally won’t change these products for anything else because I have had such an amazing experience with them. 10/10 recommend.

Finally, a comfy beach outfit that can be worn whenever you want to take your sunset stroll or lay in the hammock and read book. My absolute favorite is the Vitamin A Playa Shirt Dress, along with the Je t’aime hat because of it’s versatility. Dress it up or dress it down! I think the most amazing part about this outfit is it is 100% biodegradable, 100% Linen and 100% Eco Friendly. It is almost impossible to find brands like this who are so innovative and original at the same time, keeping the vision of luxury fashion in mind, but, Vitamin A suppresses all of those accusations because they go up and beyond what anyone could even imagine their pieces are besides a beautiful accessory, swimsuit or dress.

Vitamin A has so many benefits in the process of creating what you receive. All of their products are manufactured in Southern California, which is pretty much their background & playground. This means supporting locals, reducing their carbon footprint and promoting women’s economic empowerment - I mean, this is just one of my favorite aspects of the company but there are so many other points of the brand that make it my favorite.

Read more about Vitamin A’s sustainable thinking here

*Jewelry by Ten Wilde

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