Azores Travel Diary

Natural beauty, sunshine in the summer, fresh fruits, hot springs, scenic drives, cliffs, heart-stopping views. These are just a few words to describe how great the Azores is. Take a two hour flight from Lisbon to São Miguel, a nature-lovers destination filled with fun stuff to do! I was so grateful to have all my friends with me on this trip because we initially were there for a contest but because we lost pretty quickly, we had so much time to get out and explore this incredible island.

Things To Do

Lagoa Do Fogo

This Volcanic crater lake is located in the center of the island and I was more or less blown away with how beautiful it was! With winding roads and farms scattered in the valleys, it almost reminded me of a Swiss country side!

Roma and I

Roma and I




This municipality, located in the southeastern corner of the island is full of scenic drives, small villages and cute shops and restaurants. In this area, you will find the Terra Nostra Garden, a beautiful park with natural hot springs!

Incredible views of The Atlantic

Incredible views of The Atlantic

Terra Nostra Gardens

With water temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees celsius, and containing essential minerals, Terra Nostra Gardens is a must-do when visiting the Island. I suggest going early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid crowds because this natural pool is very popular apparently!

One thing to notice in Sao Miguel is how beautiful each road is, with flowers adding bits of detail!

One thing to notice in Sao Miguel is how beautiful each road is, with flowers adding bits of detail!

photo via A Lovely World

photo via A Lovely World

Lagoa Das Empadadas

Take a drive up to Lagoa Des Empadadas and follow the road upward to the clouds just above Ponta Delgada. I literally mean in the clouds - so be aware of the cliff edges! We were all freaking out throughout the entire drive!


Ponta Da Ferraria

This thermal hot spring is in the sea! Go early if you want to avoid the crowds and make sure to go at low tide when the waves aren’t rushing in. There is a restaurant and changing facility on the same property and if this isn’t your thing, it is such a beautiful drive down to it.

So much to take photos off!

So much to take photos off!


Where To Stay

Santa Barbara ECO Beach Resort - A chic hotel focussed on surfing and mountains. Spectacular views all around and located right on the beach.

Sete Cidades Lake Lodge - Located in the Southwest of the island, this lodge is centered around the volcanos, mountains and nature.

Furnas Boutique Hotel - Located in Furnas, this modern and comfortable hotel is great for travelers who want quality, comfort and a great location in their choice of accommodation. The spa is beautiful! With an outdoor and indoor thermal pool, they bring the nature of Sao Miguel straight to you!

Where To Eat

I can’t say I was overly thrilled with the food selection in Sao Miguel but there are a couple spots worth going to:

A Terra Azor - European, Pizzas and Seafood

Xitaka - Mediterranean and seafood

Convenient Things To Know

Rental Cars - We used Avis at the Airport

Cheapest Flights -Although not the greatest of airlines, TAP was the most convenient and cheapest!

Not many people speak English here so make sure to plan ahead or you might just be lost in translation, I guess that isn’t always a bad thing, right?!

See you on my next adventure,