Prague Travel Guide - Part 2 EUROPE TRIP


After my Amsterdam trip, I really wanted to visit an authentic European city that still had a historic feeling to it. I remember researching Prague and seeing so many great, old-architectural pictures of it. I could tell right away that there was something special about this city and that it held onto something that is becoming difficult to restore in developing cities - the history.  When I arrived in Prague, It was everything I had imagined. I remember looking out the Uber window looking up to the tops of the tall buildings guarding the old city and being in awe with how beautiful everything was. The river, the people, romantic cobble stone streets, the food and the gothic feel of the whole city. One of my best friends, Tamara joined me from Slovakia on this trip, which was perfect because she knew Prague like a book!

What We Did

We walked around the old cities cobble-stone streets and fell in love with the old buildings, the street vendor culture and the cozy cafes.


We then also crossed the famous Charles Bridge and saw some amazing local artists and musicians along the way. This is a pedestrian-only bridge so I highly recommend getting out and doing this. This was one of my favorite things to do!


Tamara and I walked to the St.Vitus Cathedral which is a gothic church, dating back to the 13th century and is a valuable feature in Prague. This cathedral is home to the tombs of Bohemian kings and Holy Roman Emperors. This was one of the most eye-opening things for me while seeing this city. Not only because of the size of it, but every fine detail that went into crafting it into what it is now. To get to the the cathedral, take a BEAUTIFUL walk through the old city and follow the incline up to the church, which can be seen from many points of the city. When you get to it, you would have passed streets of cafes, souvenir shops, hotels and the authentic Prague lifestyle for locals living there. This cathedral is at the Prague Castle which when seen from the top, gives you an incredible view of the entire city. This is not to be missed!!


Walk around Vyšehrad Cemetery.  I never knew a cemetery and church could be so enchanting… It seriously made me think I was walking around The Garden Of Eden. With a trail all the way around the property, this park-like fortress gives you panoramic views of the entire city. Going at sunset is the best time! Make sure you try warm wine on your way around, they have it at almost any cafe.


Watch the Prague Astronomical Clock chime on every hour - Join the crowds on every hour of the day to watch the clock chime. This is one of oldest clocks in the world and the oldest astronomical one still in use, dating back to the 15th Century. This is a major symbol of the Old Town in Prague and is actually 310 years older than the USA. Imagine that.


Where To Eat

St.Martin - Known for the best sauerkraut soup in town.

Bistro Sisters - Have the best chlebíčky (open-faced sandwiches)

Nase maso - Prague’s best butcher

Moment - The best vegan food in the city.

I didn't really document where and what I ate because I just decided to get lost and eat whenever I felt like taking a break from walking and taking photos!

Must have food: Trdelnik - It is made from rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick, then grilled and topped with sugar and walnut mix. Fill it will nutella, ice cream or whipped cream - You’re in control ;)

Photo via Trover

Photo via Trover

The cutest cafes all are hidden on alley ways all over the city

The cutest cafes all are hidden on alley ways all over the city


How To Get Around

On foot of course! Prague is an easy-access walking city. There is so much to see from walking that I wouldn’t want it any other way! The old city doesn't actually allow cars in at certain points, however, If you want to feel like you’re in a different era, hop into one of the many vintage cars they have around the streets.


Where To Stay

Tamara’s family lent us their lovely apartment but for those of you who are also looking for somewhere in a convenient and cozy environment, I have asked around and here are the top picks:

Ventana Hotel - A boutique hotel next to the Old Town’s Square.

Questenberk Hotel - Located in the city center, and close to the Prague castle, this authentic hotel is a great place for guests to unwind after a long day of sightseeing.

Vintage Design Hotel Sax - Located near to the Prague castle and a 20-minute walk from the Charles Bridge. With vintage furniture and psychedelic wallpapers, this 22-bedroom hotel is a fun place to stay in the city with a great location!

Apartment Views

Apartment Views

I highly encourage everyone who goes to Europe to make some room in their schedule to visit this city. It is full of culture, history and SO MUCH to see!

Well that’s all for now! Until the next trip,


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