London's Most Instagramble Spot: Peggy Porschen Cakes

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I know what you’re thinking, “we’ve seen this shop everywhere on Instagram, what's the big deal?”.

Well let me just introduce to you the most delightful cake shop/cafe/shop/restaurant/parlor, whatever you want to call it, that I’ve ever stepped foot into and completely worth every minute of the line to get inside to get a view up close and personal with their cakes. Based in Belgravia, London, a short 10-minute walk from Victoria Station, is one of Instagram's most illustrious cake shops. Hundreds of people flock around it every day to get the famous “Peggy Porschen Shop-front photo”. From making wedding cakes for Kate Moss, to features on BBC and Daily Mail, to being on every blogger and Instagram-enthusiasts’ profile when visiting London to having nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram alone, AND having their works of art starting at 5 pounds, lets just say this cakery has done everything right for themselves in the world of product+art+marketing.


It all started on a Sunday afternoon when I had 6 pounds left in my purse from spending every other pound I had on food (shocker), and was destined to get my hands on a red velvet cupcake cake - and what no better way to get one from no other than one of London’s hottest cake spots. I stumbled across the stunning exterior of the cafe in awe that not only was I about to put what could be the best red velvet cupcake in my mouth but the floral design of the store was incomprehensible. It was like I was walking into my very own utopia. The flower arrangements seemed too perfect to be real, the roses were handcrafted to perfectly trail one another and the colors burst at everyone that walked by to catch their attention. Not to mention, that every girl under the age of 30 was lined up to not only get a table in the small cafe but to take their very own Peggy Porschen photo.

When we finally got to enter the shop, I felt as though I had been waiting in a line at Disney world to get into a very popular and thrilling ride. Walking into the cafe, I got a thick scent of just heaven. It smelled of caramel, vanilla cakes, fruit, and joy. The waitresses were perfectly dressed in their aprons and carried themselves gently, like fairies, while they poured tea and carefully boxed the crafted cakes for us. Of course, I ended up getting the red velvet cake. Oh, and a macaroon. (found 2 pounds at the bottom of my purse).

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When they handed me my “bag”, I couldn’t believe how cute the packaging was that I deleted every other photo in front the store and made the waiter take one of Roma and myself WITH the bag because you know what, we had to prove that we waited to get in the store and that we were ready to eat what was about to be the best 6 pounds I’ve ever spent. The bags were this sturdy cardboard pink and white striped bags with each item boxed inside with another pink and white pattern.

Since we couldn’t get a table inside, we just took away 2 macaroons and 2 cupcakes and went to Buckingham palace gardens to devour them. Of course, we took the necessary photos before we ate it #millennials.

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I would 100% recommend this as a MUST DO IN LONDON. Even if you don’t make it inside, just seeing the buzz outside the cafe is something in itself to witness.

Thats all for now,


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